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Winter Skincare Survival Tips

December 01 2022

Winter Skincare Regimen
Winter Skincare Regimen

Winter can be a beautiful wonderland with a new snowfall, crisp air, and twinkling stars, but the plummeting temperatures, brisk winds, and indoor heating can take a harsh toll on your complexion. Dry, dull, or flaky skin and irritation can often ramp up during this season. To make winter skin (and life) friendly, harmonize with nature’s iciest time. Here are some tips to keep your skin and soul glowing during the winter’s chill.

  • Nourish yourself with soups. Winter is all about going inwards and that includes nurturing yourself. Nutrient-rich soups are a wonderful way to get extra hydration that your skin needs while keeping yourself toasty. Skin-healthy ingredients to use include lentils, sweet potatoes, red and green bell peppers, and spinach.
  • Zero-alcohol policy (in your toner). Alcohol is a no for your face. Since facial skin is much thinner, putting an alcohol-based toner can damage the skin barrier and dry out skin. Instead choose an alcohol-free toner, such as Vie de Mer’s Hydrating Toner or Collagen Renewal Toner. You’ll get a purifying cleanse that leaves skin flawlessly clean.
  • Spend more time outdoors. Winter means shorter days and a lot more darkness. To keep your mood up, go for a walk during the sunniest part of the day (don’t forget to bundle up!). Even though it’s winter, an outdoor activity means an extra layer of SPF to protect your skin. And if there’s snow on the ground, SPF is extra important – sunlight reflects off the snow to scatter on your skin.
  • Moisturize twice daily: An essential item in your skincare toolbox, regardless of the season, is moisturizer, applied once in the morning after cleansing and again in the evening on clean skin. During the winter months, choose a rich moisturizer that’s more occlusive (think thicker to better protect the skin barrier)
  • Indulge but don’t overindulge. It’s masochistic to avoid all desserts during the winter season. With Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day, the options pile up. Allow yourself a treat when these days come around but keep it in moderation. Too much sugar negatively affects skin health, but a brownie here and there isn’t going to do anything except make you smile.
  • Remember to exfoliate (but do it gently): The cold air, the parties (with tons of makeup looks), and running on less sleep than usual, means skin needs an extra pick me up. Go with a gentle exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and keep your complexion glowing.
  • Remember to take me time. Winter has a lot of holidays, which means just the right amount of socializing (if you’re a social butterfly) and overload (if you’re an introvert). To recharge, schedule an hour every day to do something solo such as getting lost in a book, listening to your favorite music mix, or falling into your Instagram feed.


Alcohol-free toners: Vie de Mer’s Collagen Renewal Lotion Toner is rich in skin-firming collagen and elastin, lichen extract, and sea water, and helps to visibly smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, while providing lasting hydration while Vie de Mer’s Hydrating Toner soothes skin while perfectly balancing hydration and oil control.

Best SPF: Vie de Mer’s Anti-Aging Sunblock with SPF 50 formulated with 27% Zinc, hydrating 100% organic Camellia Seed Oil, and Vitamin E.

Winter Moisturizers: Pair up Vie de Mer's Hydra-Active Day Cream and Hydra-Active Night Balm to reduce the appearance of fine lines, (I removed the period and added the comma)increase skin elasticity, and repair skin discoloration.

Gentle Exfoliation: Vie de Mer’s Ocean Regenerating Exfoliant removes dead skin cells, reduces wrinkles, detoxifies and refines pores, brightens skin and lushly hydrates.