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About Us


Vie de Mer is deeply changing the way we envision beauty. We believe that every age is exquisitely beautiful – a possibility for playful exploration to mingle with compassionate wisdom. At Vie de Mer, that’s the space we live in. We build our skincare with intention – to nurture, to empower, and to transform. We choose our ingredients for their purity and power, using cold-processed superior actives at the highest concentrations. Our regimen is elegant in its simplicity and designed for profound results. Our mission is for every person to revel in their skin, to grow into their beauty with each step of their journey. We love your age and want you to love it too. Own your right to mature. Be your beautiful self.


    Vie de Mer is zealous in the pursuit of high-quality ingredients. Everything from sourcing, growing, and processing. That's why we only work with cold-processed active ingredients. Cold-processed ingredients are processed or extracted without involving high heat levels or chemical intervention. Unlike ingredients that are heated during production, cold-processed ingredients retain all the essential properties and are nutrient-dense. No degradation, perfect purity. When you use a Vie de Mer product, you're putting the most potent nutrition on your skin, without compromise.

    If you’re familiar with the world of skincare, then you know about active ingredients. But what does the term mean? Put simply, it refers to ingredients that serve as the driving force of the product. Active ingredients deliver results. Vie de Mer uses scientifically proven active ingredients at their optimal concentrations to richly nourish your skin. Every ingredient has a purpose. We're not content to stop at the ingredients. We're committed to having the amount your skin needs to deliver the superior results you deserve. Try any product in our line and see the power of our active ingredients.

    Our relationship with age needs a major dose of love. In every aspect of our lives, we are served the message that the ideal is to stop time. At Vie de Mer, we believe there's a fundamental flaw in this narrative. Beauty, like life, is a journey forward, with each step a celebration of who you are. If we are frozen in time, then we deny the love, wisdom and humor that is an essential part of what makes us beautiful. Vie de Mer represents a new way of looking at aging. One where you are ravishingly gorgeous because you are the most you. Where you are not trying to fit an outdated story, but choose to stand with power, kindness, and truth. With Vie de Mer, you will love your age.

    At Vie de Mer, we craft products in smaller quantities, more frequently. This combined with our commitment to using cold-pressed oils, organic components, and plant-based actives ensures the freshest of products for maximum results. It also allows us to quickly adapt to emerging science and consumer feedback. Quality, efficacy, and purity. Your skin deserves no less.


  • Serums that treat. Skin needs help to keep it in balance. That's what serums are for. Serums are highly concentrated formulations that are designed to absorb into skin quickly, delivering an intense dose of active ingredients. After cleansing and toning, this first step in the Vie de Mer treatment regimen helps to address a wide range of skin needs and concerns. Choose the serums that address your needs.

  • Oils that nourish. Like us, skin needs to be nurtured. Our cold-pressed, 100% organic oils are the second step in the Vie de Mer treatment regimen. They help active ingredients get to where the skin needs it, while richly hydrating and deeply restoring. View our face oils.

  • Moisturizers that protect. Your skin needs to be protected to allow it to its most beautiful. The last step in the Vie de Mer treatment regimen are our sumptuous moisturizers. These paraben-free products are designed to keep moisture where it belongs - in your skin. View our moisturizers.