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Spring Skincare

May 02 2023

Spring Skincare
Spring Skincare

Just like the weather, skincare has its seasons too. Now that we’ve enjoyed a full month of Spring (and are loving it), we want to make sure you’ve got your skincare routine in order. Warmer weather with more humidity means a slightly different approach, especially with more days spent outdoors, basking in the warmer air (and sun). Here’s four simple ways to make your skincare Spring-friendly and to make sure your skin is gorgeously radiant.

Out with the old, in with the new. Exfoliation is a crucial part of your spring skincare regimen. It’s the perfect way to slough off winter and reveal beautiful new skin. For a powerful yet gentle exfoliation, go with Vie de Mer Paris’ Ocean Regenerating Exfoliant. It removes dead skin cells, reduces wrinkles, unclogs, and refines pores with mandelic, lactic, and salicylic acids. It also contains marine-origin peptides for a moisture boost, organic seaweed micro-polishing molecules for physical exfoliation, and sugar kelp for hydration and repair. Shop it at Vie de Mer Paris for $68.

Lighten it up. A lightweight moisturizer is the way to go for Spring and Summer, helping to keep your skin hydrated but pores clog-free. We love Vie de Mer Paris’ Hydra Active Day Cream to keep skin airily moisturized. Crafted with hydrolyzed collagen and elastin, this powerhouse product reduces inflammation, helps to fade dark spots, and leaves skin smooth and gorgeous. It also contains anti-inflammatory wild yam, protective and hydrating ginseng, and Iris Florentina root extract, a skin brightener that promotes collagen production. Shop it at Vie de Mer Paris for $144. 

Keep it clean. We all love that feeling of a squeaky-clean face, and there’s a reason. Removing a day (or night’s) build up of dirt, makeup, and environmental pollutants is important for glowing skin. But it’s important to go about it gently, protecting the skin barrier and keeping your natural oils. Go with Vie de Mer Paris’ Oxygen Cleanser, that not only brilliantly cleanses skin but supports skin health. Packed with a powerful combination of aloe and Japanese green tea extracts, the Oxygen Cleanser also is crafted with niacinamide, a major multitasker that rebuilds the lipid layer, minimizes the appearance of pores, and keeps complexion even by inhibiting the over production of melanin. It also contains kelp which gives a delicious moisture boost, and sea fennel helps to unclog pores and increase cell turnover. Shop it at Vie de Mer Paris for $70.

Stay safe. It’s not just a Spring thing, but increased time spent outdoors in the sun’s rays makes using SPF even more important during the warmer seasons. A good SPF blocks both UVA and UVB rays, which prevents premature aging, uneven skin tone, and helps to reduce the risk of skin cancer. A great SPF also delivers skin benefits that keep your gorgeously radiant. For the ultimate in SPF perfection that also deeply nourishes, go with Vie de Mer Paris’ Anti-Aging Sunblock. This SPF 50 is formulated with both 27% Zinc, a water-resistant physical sunblock, and bisoctrizole, which absorbs, reflects, and scatters both UVA and UVB rays. To keep skin lavishly nurtured, it also contains 100% organic camellia seed oil, which is rich in vitamins A, B, and E and omega-fatty acids, and Tilia Cordata flower extract for hydration and antioxidant protection. Shop it at Vie de Mer Paris for $72.