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Skip the Beauty Regrets

August 30 2023

Skip the Beauty Regrets
Skip the Beauty Regrets

As the saying goes, hindsight is 20/20, meaning things have far greater clarity when we look back on them than when we were smack in the middle of them. In retrospect, we often mull over the decisions we made and the (hopefully minor) repercussions, and that’s how regrets are born. 

Regrets can apply to any of our life choices, including the big ones such as career, significant other, or where we live. Then there are seemingly less important decisions, such as lifestyle and beauty decisions. But at the end of the day, they all influence our lives and play off each other.

Studies have been conducted across the broad expanse of life regrets, but a recent study that specifically targeted beauty regrets captured our interest. The participants listed the following three things as their top regrets that affected not only their appearance but their health as well: 

  • Poor dietary habits
  • Not devoting enough time to sleep and exercise
  • Not investing in quality skincare

Our initial thoughts about beauty regrets made our minds jump to bad haircuts that caused us to stay out of sight for weeks or months on end, hair color that looked a little too out of this world, or unsuitable makeup choices that, while easily changed, meant we had a closet full of products that never saw the light of day. Luckily, those real-world top three concerns listed above amount to funny anecdotes at the dinner table with your friends.

But there are bigger misses for your beauty and skincare choices that can pile up in the long run. While we may not be able to see them immediately, the older we get, the easier it is to see where we went wrong. Here are our top three beauty regrets and how to avoid them!

Beauty Regret #1: Skipping Sunscreen

The sun may feel great but it’s not our skin’s best friend. UVA and UVB rays are responsible for photoaging, including visible lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dark spots and dryness. Keep yourself protected with Vie de Mer Paris’ Anti-Aging Sunblock SPF 50 formulated with 27% Zinc, hydrating 100% organic Camellia Seed Oil, and Vitamin E. 

Beauty Regret #2: Not Moisturizing

It may come as a surprise to you that moisturizing is more than superficial. Studies show that people who regularly moisturize develop fine lines and wrinkles at a slower rate. It also locks in hydration after a shower and helps to balance out oil production, so your skin is just right. Pair a Vie de Mer Paris facial oil with a moisturizer for glowing skin. For an extra moisture boost, go with Vie de Mer Paris’ Hyaluronic Moisture Plumper Serum.

Beauty Regret #3: Forgetting the Eyes

While an overall facial serum, oil, and moisturizer are all key to gorgeous skin, the eyes need special attention. The skin is much more delicate, and more prone to signs of aging. Pair up the three Vie de Mer eye products for the ultimate in eye treatments – red ginseng packed Wrinkle Corrective Eye Serum, red algae powered Ultimate Eye Cream, and quick treatment Eye & Lip Contour Balm.

Investing in high-quality, superior skincare is an investment in not only your skin, but your confidence, and overall well-being. You can rely on Vie de Mer to guide you through your lifelong skincare journey with products crafted using pure and powerful ingredients to safely treat, nourish, and protect your skin.

And if you follow these protocols, your beauty regrets will fall into the funny story category, leaving you loving what you see in the mirror.

Vie de Mer is a high-end French skincare line. All products are produced in small batches, which are cold-pressed in France and adhere to the strictest EU standards.