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Seven Great Things About Being a Woman

March 22 2023

7  Great Things About Being A Woman
7 Great Things About Being A Woman

This month we celebrated International Women’s Day, so what better time to take a moment and reflect on what makes women phenomenal. In going about our daily lives, we can easily find ourselves forgetting to honor our self-worth, depth of character, and unique talents and abilities. So, let’s take inventory and celebrate the great things about being a woman, from the truly miraculous to the (maybe a little) frivolous, but all delightful nonetheless.

Women Are Creative Powerhouses

Every person on the planet owes gratitude to the woman that brought them into this world. Women’s capacity to nurture a single cell to a complex human being isn’t limited to pregnancy though. It’s reflected in the creative spark that exists in all women, to birth new ideas, and have the patience and wisdom to nurture them to fruition. Women are inspiring in their drive to create the best in life.

The Most Powerful Nurturers

Women form deep connections with people in their lives. And they are driven to nurture those people with a perfect interplay of love, empathy, and steady compassion. Whether it’s their children, partners, friends, or a stranger on the street, women can tap into that deep well and transform someone’s day. Women recognize that if there’s one thing the world needs, it’s a lot more kindness.

Emotional Candor

Our culture is very accepting of women openly expressing their emotions, including shedding tears of joy or sadness, or being vulnerable with those they love. By being a woman, you can revel in the freedom to be spontaneous and honest, allowing yourself to form stronger relationships built on openness and trust. 

Dressing Up, Down, or Any Way at All

Women get to go as tame or as wild as they want through a liberal array of fashion choices, allowing them to express the many aspects of their personality and mood with clothes ranging from sexy evening gowns to boyfriend jeans, and everything in between.

Making Faces with Makeup

Makeup is a must-have tool for almost every woman, bringing poise, confidence and creating a finished look. Of equal importance is that makeup is FUN, giving women the opportunity, as with clothing, to assume many different personas, from flirty fun to girl next door to mysterious muse. 

Color Me Happy

Hair color the best invention ever! Many women want to change their hair color just for fun or to achieve a new look. Some twenty-somethings, seeing how gorgeous silver hair can look, are heading that direction. Others go super fun with bold colors like blue and pink. Whatever the hue and whatever the reason, women have the courage, the confidence, and the bold sassiness to fully embrace themselves. Fun fact: within six years of Miss Clairol's launch, 70% of women were coloring their hair.


Be it clothes, makeup, nail polish, or accessories, nothing says feminine like pink! And nothing says feminine and alluring like HOT PINK!

So go ahead, bask in the joys of being a woman. Share it, own it, honor it. Because women are beautiful, powerful, and indomitable.