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Eight Things Mature Women Rock At

January 31 2023

Eight Things Mature Women Rock At
Eight Things Mature Women Rock At

With age comes wisdom, or so the saying goes, but many other benefits come with maturity as well.  Sometimes, we get so caught up in the physical aspects of growing older, obsessively observing the changes to our faces and bodies, that we neglect to evaluate the numerous positive transformations to our minds, heart, and soul. Take the time to spotlight those changes, and you’ll realize that your awesomeness has dramatically increased with time!

Happy to be Yourself Finally!

During our formative years, especially as teenagers, there’s tremendous peer pressure to fit in. If there’s even one detail, no matter how small, that sets us apart from the majority, it becomes a crisis of epic proportions. Thankfully, the older we get, the less we care what others think. The desire for acceptance and assimilation gradually dissipates until we’re secure enough to comfortably embrace being different. Thank you, stepped-up confidence!

Move over Judgment, Compassion Now Rules

If life teaches us one thing, it’s that we’re all traveling on an unknown road full of twists, turns, and obstacles that we’re unprepared for. None of us truly knows how we’ll respond to a given situation until we’re knee-deep in it, regardless of our preconceived notions. Youth tends to come with at least a trace of arrogance, but life tends to teach us humility, and we moderate our tendency to judge others harshly, if at all, as the years go by. 

Reducing or eliminating judgment of others’ choices, circumstances, and situations allows space for more compassion. Having experienced our share of life’s bumps and bruises, as we mature, we realize that someone else’s anguish could just as easily be our own.

Know Thyself

Gaining a clear insight into ourselves, the good, the bad, and the ugly doesn’t simply manifest with age. It does require some effort in the form of self-reflection, but the payoff is worth it. Identifying the various aspects of our psyche shows us where we can improve, what we should avoid, and where we excel, which leads to.

Decision-Making V2

We’re confronted with choices every day of our lives. Even if the best choices haven’t been made in the past, every day is a new opportunity to choose better. While the path we take is undoubtedly affected to some degree by previous experiences, the gradually gained knowledge of our strengths, weaknesses, and innermost self now provides valuable guidance in the options we select to steer us to a more joyful existence. 

Taking Care of YOU

With maturity comes the realization that you’re indeed a valuable individual and, as such, are worthy of consistent holistic self-care, nurturing your mind, body, and soul in ways that are well-suited to your personality and needs. Better health, a calmer emotional state, joyful experiences, and personal interactions all bode well for your happiness and longevity.

Regrets Overturned 

With enhanced confidence comes a certain level of boldness that allows us to revisit youthful dreams and passions. There may now be more free time and more plentiful financial resources, but it’s the enriched self-assured spirit that drives us forward to reexamine the previously unexplored.

Look Out, World, Here I Come! 

Once the need for external approval and the fear of not being accepted has been shed, maturity allows for indulgence in new, previously unthought-of adventures, big or small such as learning another language, flying a kite, or even going on safari.

Strut Your Stuff 

Having achieved self-knowledge and contentment with who they are, mature women capitalize on this internal acceptance to develop their exclusive style. Whether it’s adventurous fashion choices, esoteric travel destinations, or non-conforming lifestyle decisions, they’re entirely self-assured in making a statement that says, here I am, and this is who I am!

So, when negative thoughts pop into your head about growing older, remember that aging is full of freedom, joy, and adventures, with the greatest of all being the continuing gift of life and the opportunity to live it your way!