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Brave, Bold, and Beautiful: Embrace the Gift of Yourself at Every Age

January 11 2023

Brave, Bold, and Beautiful: Embrace the Gift of Yourself at Every Age
Brave, Bold, and Beautiful: Embrace the Gift of Yourself at Every Age

Aging in a youth-centric culture is an emotional challenge as well as a physical one. Aging gracefully is a pervasive term in our culture and dialogue when referring to older women, but what does that mean? Sometimes it feels like a subtle suggestion that once a woman has passed her fortieth birthday, she should slip elegantly into obscurity, with her value and voice relegated to a different category – that of the older woman. Perhaps it’s time to replace that phrase with aging brilliantly.

Nothing is more representative of the current zeitgeist than social media. Since the rise of Instagram and now TikTok, the beauty space has been dominated by young influencers, which is fantastic since young people contribute a healthy dose of enthusiasm and fresh ideas. However, just as we need diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the same should apply to social media. 

Times are changing though, thanks to a growing number of mature, self-assured influencers who are pioneering a new path away from age-related societal biases and exclusion. These influencers are disrupting the status quo and redefining the social media space, viewing aging and beauty through an unfettered lens. These trailblazers have spirit, style, confidence, and beauty in spades. They’ve boldly challenged our youth-driven culture and raised the bar for living life fully at every age. They’re elevating the status of older women and galvanizing their followers to be bold and brave. They’re awakening women to the fact that they’re not relics no matter what their age and don’t have to accept being fated to a colorless existence as the years pass. 

These amazing women cherish the gift of life and embrace themselves. They nurture their health, souls, and minds and sway their followers to do the same by the example they set. 

Reading their posts engenders a feeling of belonging to a virtual sisterhood that inspires, comforts, and emboldens. It mirrors the sense of suddenly being woken from a deep sleep and discovering a renewed fervor for existing by seeing the richness of life through their eyes and actions, reminding us that we, too, are vibrant women who cannot only look amazing but can lead full and rewarding lives at any age.

Visit these gorgeous women on Instagram, and you’ll be recharged and riding an energy high, ready to explore and consider all of life’s opportunities and reassess and recalibrate your life journey.

Janet Gunn

From the first moment you enter Janet Gunn’s Instagram world, you’ll be completely obsessed with her online persona, fashion style, and the beautiful quotes interspersed with her stunning photos. Our number one fashion hero!

Grece Ghanem 

Grece epitomizes brave, bold, and beautiful with her glowing skin and brilliant fashion choices, and we’re thrilled to have discovered such an awe-inspiring role model. 

Jacki Cook

Gorgeous skin, gorgeous style, and even a gorgeous dog!! We’re hooked!


An early over-fifty influencer with lots of grit and determination in steadfastly seeking to upend the youth craze. Style, beauty, compassion, and courage. What could be more inspiring than that!


Elegant, classy, and classical, with just enough sass to make her one of our favorite fashion heroes!