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2024 Skincare Musts

January 31 2024

2024 Skincare Musts
2024 Skincare Musts

Now that we’re comfortably settling back into our daily routine post-holidays (we’re sad to see all the desserts go), it’s time to get our skincare on track. Often lost in a sea of resolutions including hitting the gym, eating healthy, or starting that novel in your head, skincare is an essential focus for the year ahead. After all, skin is the largest organ in the human body, yet it receives a disproportionate amount of attention. We’re all familiar with the saying “beauty’s only skin deep” but skin is deeper than you think, comprised of three layers. These three layers, the epidermis, dermis, and hypodermis, differ greatly in their anatomy and function. The layer we’re most concerned with as laypeople is the epidermis, which serves as a barrier to water, microorganisms, damage from UV light, and mechanical and chemical trauma. 

An important health benefit, skin cells turn sunlight into vitamin D, essential for healthy bones and the suppleness we all crave in our facial skin. Skin serves other roles too, such as signaling certain health problems, including skin cancer. Given the importance of skin to our overall health, its care should be a priority along with all our other health concerns.

Here are six suggestions for making 2024 your best skincare year ever.

  • Use warm, not hot, water to wash your face

Hot water tends to dry out your skin and cause increased sensitivity, while warm water gently cleanses. Vie de Mer offers a wide range of soothing, effective skincare products and like all our products, they’re manufactured in small batches in France, adhering to stringent EU ingredient standards. Try the following two products to get a deep and nourishing cleanse that will leave your skin hydrated and revitalized.

Collagen Renewal Cleansing Milk

This mild, milky cleanser will calm, deep clean, and moisturize your skin, maximizing the active ingredients collagen, elastin, jojoba, and avocado oils. With continued use, your skin will be visibly firmer, supple, and revitalized with a youthful glow. 

Oxygen Cleanser

This hydrating cleanser gently removes makeup and is irritation-free for even the most sensitive skin. The powerful combination of Aloe and Japanese Green Tea Extracts will leave your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and hydrated. 

Soothing Active Cleansing Milk

Thanks to ingredients glycerin, green algae, and brown seaweed, the Active Soothing Cleansing Milk will gently cleanse and hydrate your skin, removing makeup and impurities, and will protect your skin from environmental stressors, leaving your skin smooth and rejuvenated. 

  • Keep your skin hydrated 

The basic essentials to ensure hydrated skin include drinking plenty of water and using a moisturizer twice daily. Some additional suggestions include purchasing a humidifier and applying a hydrating face mask. Suggested Vie de Mer products include:

Soothing Day Cream 

Rich in Sugar Kelp, fatty acids, and polysaccharide, our Soothing Day Cream has a lightweight and silky texture that  will hydrate your skin and help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles 

Soothing Night Cream

Experience increased skin hydration and smoothness and a refreshed complexion with our Soothing Night Cream. Stimulated by the ingredients of 100% organic Borage and Tamanu Oils,  soothing licorice root, and moisture-boosting polysaccharides, this luxurious cream will balance skin tone and moisture and instantly rejuvenate a dull complexion. 

View our complete line of moisturizing products here: 

  • Prevent Sun Damage

The most effective way to prevent sun damage is to avoid tanning beds or sunlamps, abstain from extended and extreme sun exposure, wear sun-protective clothing, and always use sunscreen, even on cloudy days. The perfect product to block those harmful UVA-UVB rays is our Anti-Aging Sunblock SPF 50 

  • Keep stress to a minimum

While this is easier said than done, there are some tips, tricks, and tactics you can try, such as meditation, deep breathing, and avoiding previously identified stressful situations as much as possible.

  • Get sufficient sleep

Lack of sleep can have a profound effect on your skin, including puffy eyes, dark undereye circles, and drier-than-usual skin. Experts recommend between seven and eight hours of sleep per night for adults.

  • Be alert and assertive

Pay attention to your skin, and if you notice any unusual changes, rashes, or moles that alter in size or color, talk to your doctor and make sure you get clear information regarding your concerns.

Avoid any future beauty regrets by choosing the most suitable products for your skin, incorporating them into your beauty routine, and using them consistently for this year’s skincare.