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What is a Night Cream?

December 16 2021

What is a Night Cream?
What is a Night Cream?

What is a night cream?

Unlike moisturizer, night cream is only to be applied in the evening/night, ideally before you go to bed after you've washed and toned your face. Night creams have been formulated to make the most of the skin's 'nighttime rhythm', in which it regenerates and repairs the day's damage.

The Vie de Mer Soothing Night Creme is a multipurpose night cream formulated with natural ingredients. Using the rejuvenating power of protein and wheat germ to support the skin’s natural regenerative system at night, this formula boosts your natural production of collagen & elastin, moisturizes and repairs your skin’s natural moisture barrier to visibly lifts and redefines for a smoother & plumper complexion.

How does a night cream work? 

This powerful creme is an anti-aging formula specially created to nourish dry, sensitive skin. This ultra-rich cream not only helps to reduce lines and wrinkles but also works to increase skin elasticity. Infused with a powerful cocktail of Peptide Complex, this cream provides a firming effect with an overall improved skin texture. Moreover, thanks to its buttery consistency and the presence, this formula is also incredibly moisturizing. Its velvety texture covers the skin smoothly. creating powerful defenses against aging and future dryness.

What are the benefits of a night cream?

Night cream is an extremely nourishing anti-aging formula that helps to deliver a plumper, smother and younger effect.

What are the results I can expect from using a night cream?

With each application, you will visibly notice how your skin looks plumper, densified, and smoother. Vie de mer Soothing Might Cream densifies and firms the skin through the power of botanical ingredients and takes its inspiration from natural sources. This botanical composition delivers a beautiful plumping effect to the skin offering an overall younger result.

Texture: buttery cream

What skin issues does night cream help?

Loss of firmness, wrinkles, fine lines, signs of aging, uneven texture, dryness;

Time of application: Evening;

Skin type: dry skin and sensitive skin