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The Facts and Benefits of Cold-Processed Skincare Products

September 26 2023

The Facts and Benefits of Cold-Processed Skincare Products
The Facts and Benefits of Cold-Processed Skincare Products
We’ve made many references to cold-processed ingredients in our product descriptions and across our website, but we would hazard a guess that most people might need a primer on what cold-processed means. For many people, the term conjures visions of products that feel cool to the skin or products that need to chill in the refrigerator before use. To demystify cold processing and explain its benefits, here are four fundamental cold-processing facts, but first, let’s understand what cold processing is.

Cold processing is the method by which cosmetic product ingredients are emulsified at room temperature without using heat. Traditional products are subjected to high heat or “heated to degradation” to emulsify the ingredients. This process literally “degrades” the ingredients to some extent, reducing their efficacy and potency while creating chemical byproducts.

So, why is this information important for the consumer? Knowledge is power, and having a clear understanding of how skincare products are produced and how they affect your skin provides you with the leverage to make the best choices for your skin and health.

Here are the facts and benefits of cold processing that will help you make those decisions.

Cold-pressed products are healthier for your skin
  • Cold-pressed skincare product ingredients have been extracted from plants without the use of heat or chemicals and are, therefore, considered natural
  • Conventional products may be created with harsh chemicals that can cause cellular damage and irritation or exacerbate skin conditions such as eczema or psoriasis
Cold pressing preserves the integrity of product ingredients
  • The ingredients in regular cosmetics products experience reduced potency and efficacy during a heat-induced fusion
  • Cold processing helps to preserve key ingredients such as omega-six and omega-nine fatty acids
  • Cold processing eliminates chemical byproducts, keeps ingredients fresh and pure, and retains critical antioxidant benefits
Cold-processed products allow for better absorption
  • Cold processing allows vitamins and nutrients to be preserved in their natural state, which in turn facilitates easier absorption into the skin

Cold Processing leaves a lower carbon footprint
  • Cold processing is a more eco-friendly production method with a reduced carbon footprint due to the lower amount of energy required for the emulsification process

The final take:
Cold-pressed skincare products are healthier and safer for your skin and kinder to the environment. This is especially important for those with allergies, skin conditions, and sensitive skin. They do come at a higher price point due to the elevated production and ingredient costs, but for those who fall into any of the above categories and for those who do not but care deeply about what they put on their skin and into their bodies, opting for cold-pressed products is a no-brainer that will avoid a new beauty regret from forming somewhere down the road.

So jump on the latest rapidly growing beauty trend by shopping our robust selection of high-end, cold-pressed products, confident in the reassuring knowledge that all Vie de Mer products are produced in small batches in France and adhere to the strictest EU standards.